Webcastor is a company specialising in the production and distribution of webcast and video streaming contents and solutions. The company’s pioneering work on audio-visual and internet convergence goes back to 1999 and since then it has invested its considerable expertise in the creation and establishment of an online video platform. Today Webcastor employs a team of 12 specialists, and has an R&D department as well as a software development division. It is the combination of these areas of expertise that forms the bedrock to the quality of the services and the added value that the company is able to offer. The skills mix at Webcastor allows it to provide ever more advanced services and software solutions.

Jean-Charles Betrancourt, co-founder along with Franck Cortet, Yvan Gainon and Sébastien Buatois of Webcastor.

Without having any particular curriculum other than the Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations (Paris), Jean-Charles Betrancourt, was involved in the creation of several advertising and audio-visual production companies. The earliest one just after he left high school. After those first entrepreneur experiences, he  worked as an audio-visual manager in a number of international aid agencies (Handicap International, International Campaign to Ban Land Mine). Having seen back in 1998 the possibilities for video streaming with Real Network, he and his associates realised the opportunities that there would be for videos on the web and founded Webcastor.