Kaliop Group provides software and 360° capabilities to create connected applications through open source technologies.



Founded in 2002, Kaliop went international in 2011. Kaliop Group delivers its clients’ digital future by creating business critical web applications for forward thinking market leaders, using the most cutting edge and proven open source technologies (eZ Publish Magento, Symfony, Talend, Varnish, AWS, all with a DevOps approach).

Kaliop Group is made of:

  • Soon, an e-commerce agency;
  • Kuzzle, an open-source back-end solutions for various application;
  • Gradientz, a digital communication agency.

Implanted in 4 Continents with 9 agencies, in France, Canada, the UK, Poland, Singapore and Australia, Kalyop Group was ranked in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 in 2013.

Some of Kaliop Group’ most famous clients are Bouygues, Foncia, Tollens, Foncia, Essilor, Veolia, and even Unicef or The Financial Times.



Kaliop Group provides creative design and technological solutions for multichannel CMS and e-commerce ventures of their internationally operating customers.

Kalyop solutions’ are centered on 8 major themes:

  • eCommerce platforms: optimizing customer experience across devices;
  • Intranets: supporting the digital transformation of company’s internal communication;
  • Multi-site plaftorms: reducing the time-to-market of company’s solution and securing environment;
  • Backend software: plug & play, multidevice & real time, etc;
  • Digital communication strategy: creating and deploying communication strategy on company’s digital playground;
  • Cloud & high traffic: managing and optimizing company’s needs for real-time and big data, improving mission critical web performance;
  • Mobile & IoT: developing the tools required to harness the digital future;
  • eMarketing platforms: delivering content based customer experience in B2B and B2B2C environments.



  • 9 agencies, 6 countries, 4 Continents
  • 160 digitalists
  • Over € 10 million turnorver in 2015
  • €2 million fundraising in beginning 2016
  • 500+ digital projects created by Kaliop globally