Guest of Honor: Bruno Bonnell

Bruno BONNELL is a multi-entrepreneur specialized in interactive technology.
President of : ROBOLUTOIN CAPITAL, AWABOT S.A.S., SOROBOT S.A.S.,I-VOLUTION S.A.S., Group SYROBO/SYMOP (Service robot organization), Vice-President of SYMOP
Head partner of Robotics in France
Federator “to communicate better” with the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Since 2007, with his associate Denis Guyennot, he has chaired ROBOPOLIS, the biggest service robotics company in Europe, operating in France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Belgium, and Luxembourg.
Bruno Bonnell

ROBOPOLIS provides consulting and is a multi-distributor in the service robotics sector. It represents leading brands such as IROBOT, ROBOTIS, and DASAROBOT in a variety of sales channels : major retailers, web, institutes, schools, and SMEs.

Bruno BONNELL also founded AWABOT, a company that creates robotic platforms. AWABOT vision is to capture the growth of service robotics market using its unique robotics and software development expertise. AWABOT create contents for any existing platform, answer to specification with user experience, design and innovation.

He was also Chairman of SYROBO (2009 – 2015), the professional service robotics organization in France that organized the first European summit in the sector, INNOROBO Today, he is Chairman of Group SYROBO (SYMOP), since April 8-2015.

In 2012, with PRIMNEXT and ORKOS Capital, he created the first European investment fund dedicated to service robotics: ROBOLUTION CAPITAL. The fund has established itself as one of the pillars of robotics in France and Europe, to meet the challenges and encourage initiative in this fast-growing sector.


Professor I-Ming Chen

Professor I-Ming Chen is an internationally renown robotics researcher. He received the B.S. degree from National Taiwan University in 1986, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA in 1989 and 1994 respectively. He has been with the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore since 1995. He is currently Director of Robotics Research Centre and also Director of Intelligent Systems Center in NTU. Professor Chen also acts as the Deputy Program Manager of A*STAR SERC Industrial Robotics Program to coordinate project and activities under this multi-institutional program involving NTU, NUS, SIMTech, A*STAR I2R and SUTD. He is a member of the Robotics Task Force 2014 under the National Research Foundation which is responsible for Singapore’s strategic R&D plan in future robotics. His research interests are in wearable devices, human-robot interaction and industrial automation. Professor Chen is Fellow of IEEE and Fellow of ASME, General Chairman of 2017 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2017) in Singapore.

Eugene Ng
Speaker: Mr. Eugene Ng
Role: IoT Business Development Manager, APAC
Company: Orange Business Services

Eugene is a subject matter expert in the Internet of Things (IoT) with significant experience in Smart Transportation and Energy related topics. Eugene spoke in numerous conferences around these topics.

Having spearheaded Internet of Things (IoT) topics in transportation, energy and smart cities in his previous capacities at global engineering conglomerates (Bosch, Hitachi), Eugene brings a wealth of experience in the crucial areas relating to IoT, such as business models, market dynamics and technology adoption.

Using his experience in IoT, Eugene brings true value add by helping organisations truly leverage IoT with real-world use cases, enhancing the digital experience overall.

sigfox picture

« Technical challenges to make IoT happen » by Henri Bong, Director Business Development and Sales Asia at SIGFOX.


Biography :

Henri is the Director of Business development and Sales in Asia of SIGFOX, the first global network dedicated to IoT. Prior to Sigfox, Henri has built a proven track record in exporting French Technologies in Asia for more than 10 years as a Senior Trade Adviser in the French Trade Commission in China and Singapore. He organized the first French Singapore Innovation Days in 2010. He also worked for Arkadin prior to NTT acquisition and has been hired many times as a freelance consultant for telco carriers such as Singtel for technology benchmarking. Henri is also an entrepreneur, he created Dipline Asia in 2011 which is still running today. His double culture and passion allow him to build a strong knowledge in Telecommunications, Electronics, Industrial, Construction & Institutional key-players throughout the region, a perfect ecosystem for IoT. Henri is graduated from ESSEC Business School and is fully trilingual (English, French and Chinese).

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