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BIM&CO is a collaborative platform and a social network enabling interactions between all BIM players


BIM objects are geometric models made with architecture software. Their data (attributes, parameters, properties, etc.) are defined and named by their modeler and owner, making it hard for them to be universally understandable and applicable, and therefore to be exchange. To address this issue, the BIM&CO platform allows information to be stored in its database, published online (by manufacturers, companies specializing in content production or users) and shared.


BIM&CO Platform helps the BIM players to better understand requirements and evolutions in terms of BIM content for digital modelling. It offers a full set of functionalities and an environment dedicated to the creation and use of BIM objects for digital modelling.

BIM&CO platform is structured around a central database in the Cloud. BIM data is then immediately available for users and projects worldwide. It offers functionalities for objects and properties to be used directly in digital models and to be compatible with the various software packages available on the market. The main strength of the platform is the ability of its community to carry out the huge task of converting all the data relative to BIM objects in digital format. Through exchanging and sharing, BIM&CO speeds up the applicability and usability of BIM.


  • Subsidiary of TraceParts
  • Founded in 2015