Aryballe develops innovative technologies, databases, software and devices applied to the identification, measurement and representation of smells and tastes. Aryballe is building the first smell sensor and odor database.



Aryballe Technologies was created in Grenoble/France by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs. As a technology platform, Aryballe’s main objectives are to develop new generations of universal sensors which can be adapted to different applications.

In parallel to its core hardware development activities, Aryballe is also organized to handle the software and database development and the full manufacturing of the sensors.



Aryballe main solutions are:

  • The NeOsea universal portable detection device, connected to a database which self-expands over time (using machine learning).
  • The O’Cell: a SPR prism functionalized with a specific set of several tenth of biosensors which can identify hundreds of different odors
  • The O’Sense: a SPR based hardware technology combining specific microfluidic system, chemically functionalized optical sensors, image acquisition and processing softwares

Aryballe’ solutions addresses various segments, such as industrial quality control and environment, anosmia and premium fridges (for the NeOse), drones and robots, or smart home devices (for the O-Sense) and can be integrated to OEM projects .



  • Founded in 2004
  • 12 employees
  • €2.6 million of fund raised in 2016